November 1, 2010

Fear of Controversy

Frank Rue has posted on the Fear of Controversy over at his blog. I just started skimming it but it looks excellent and ties in very nicely with James Sundquist's rebuke of Rick Warren, John Piper, et al which I posted earlier. Here is a tidbit:
In the examples of opposing error, left on record for our imitation, we perceive nothing of that frigid spirit of indifference which smiles on the corruptors of the word of God, and shuns to call heresy by its proper name. With what holy indignation do the Apostles denounce the subtle machinations of the enemies of the gospel! In vain shall we look among those faithful servants of the Lord for any thing to justify that trembling reserve which fears to say decidedly that truth is truth, or that error is error. In what style indeed should perversions of the truth of God be censured? Ought they to be treated as mere matters of opinion on which we may innocently and safely differ? Or ought they to be met in a tone of solemn, strong, and decided disapprobation?
(Excerpt from Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans: with remarks on the commentaries of Dr. MacKnight, Professor Moses Stuart, and Professor Tholuck, Volume 3 by Robert Haldane, Published by EDINBURGH WILLIAM WHYTE & CO, 1842.)