November 22, 2010

BSF Bible Study Fellowship going contemplative/emergent?

I have never been able to attend a BSF yet but I know lots of people do. Someone asked me about the new Isaiah curriculum and what I thought, but I didn't have any information or experience so I started looking. In the process I found this blog post so I thought I would pass the information along:


Ms. Rowan stood on stage and told us a story. A group of people from a Kansas City church had surrounded her to give her a blessing. They all laid hands on her and prayed in tongues over her.
On the last day of our leaders meeting for the year, my fears were realized. We receive a magazine with recommended books to read during the break. On the list was a book by Dallas Willard, a known contemplative/emergent. Also a verse was given from the apostate translation of the Bible, “The Message.”

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