October 2, 2010

**(USA NOT AU)** Tony Miano (The Lawman)'s logical fallacies

(NOTE - I have received a notice that there is a Baptist minister in Anthony Lawman in AU who is getting flack for these posts because of a confusion of identity.  My apologies!  This is NOT Anthony Lawman from Australia!)

For background information on the first blowup many months ago over this, see these pdf's. I haven't followed Tony since these, because it got so bizarre to try and deal with a fellow believer who was ashamed of what he believed. These pdf's were saved before I realized Safari will make a nice pdf for you directly from the page, so all the formatting isn't there. It's much easier to do now.


Tony the Lawman is apologizing for being a Calvinistic baptist, thinking that if he drops the label it will create peace. What he doesnt understand is that this is a logical fallacy. And that the pelagians in the church are out to destroy reformation theology by ANY name. He's learned very well from his fellow Californian Rodney King. So when they come along saying you are divisive because you have the label "Christian" what will he do?

The Lawman Chronicles - "Changing Labels"

So if you go to post a comment it says this:
‎"If you post a comment that is offensive, blasphemous, shrill, or contains any type of logical fallacy, the experience may have been cathartic for you, but don't expect to see your comment on the blog."

The logical fallacy part is really what gets me. Changing labels = useful unity builder. Riiiight. Well that particular fallacy got posted and prominently showcased by the blog's author himself, but I guess it's his blog and he can be as irrational as he likes.

So I just posted this: Are you STILL apologizing for this? Now you're dropping the label? Are you ashamed of it now? Do you think this will stop Calvary Chapel from their crusade to oust all reformation theology from their ranks? There is no apology to Amanda Insweden, me, or Gayle for letting your arminian friends flame us for nothing and then siding with them? Wow. Appalling.
I bet it won't get posted. Just a hunch.

A friend of mine brought up the idea of 'stockholm syndrome' in relation to this post. I think that's a valid idea. He needs to just get out of Calvary Chapel but he is so enslaved to the pastor is master, submit to him false teaching that he cannot see it is time to leave. So he blames everyone else who does have the courage to stand by the doctrines of grace. Very sad. Tony has become a coward before his fellow legalistic "free will" Christians.