October 19, 2010

Issues Etc review of Rick Warren's "Blessed or Stressed" sermon

Issues Etc put together a brutal montage of statements from a recent sermon by Rick Warren entitled "Blessed or Stressed"? It's something like I was thinking of doing with his speech at Desiring God. They play all the clips of what we must DO to get God's blessing, back to back.

Issues Etc's RIck Warren Quid Pro Quo God soundbite (only 1 minute 22 seconds)

This illustrates the point very well. Do this Do that Do this do that DO MORE... You need to do X so that God can do Y. God is somehow limited by your actions and attitudes? That sounds word-faithy to me... This is not a concept taught in Scripture, than God is limited by our sin and/or enabled by our good works. This false idea taught by Rick Warren and more blatantly by the TBN crowd, is frankly blasphemous. It puts Man in charge, not God.

The sermon that they reviewed is here: