October 12, 2010

Ergun Caner at Value Voter Summit 2010

Can you believe this guy?

Ergun Caner - Value Voter Summit Sept 17 2010

10 minutes in, after having talked about what a nitwit he is compared to all these other people here. This becomes a defense mechanism against criticism, similar to what we saw with Francis Chan at Desiring God this year. (He starts with it right off the bat, talking like some sort of groupie.)

Caner: "We would rather lose and do the right thing than win and compromise truth. Doing that which is expedient is not NEARLY as important as doing that which is right befor the eyes of God. I would rather stand for the marriage between a man and a woman than to compromise and have to face my God some day."

So to him homosexuality is REALLY bad and God will judge that, but lying well, that's ok. Since when is lying and attacking brothers and sisters in Christ who are calling for you to repent a family value? He keeps talking about worrying about what he's teaching his kids about living according to God's standards. Is this the sort of men he wants his kids to become?

"am I ever going to be in their eyes what I should be?"

Ergun Caner 2010 Values Voter Summit pt.2

leading up to 3 minutes in, he talks about people that criticize and not letting them get to you. Thankfully he refrains from tying it to the developments with his lying testimony. He does say he lost his family, father, home, culture. Still not sure how he lost his home. He didn't lose his home. His dad was already out of it, his mom didn't disown him. That doesn't seem to jive with the facts. Still unrepentant after all this time.

"When the whole world turns against you you smile, you love em, and you never let em shut you up." -- Ergun Caner

Uhuh. Yeah. Right.