August 12, 2010

Rick Warren's John-Piper-inspired-Church-Challenge tweet disappears

I know many of you have seen this one but now see how this feeds into Rick's "my church is better than your church"
(source My Church Can Beat Your Church Says Rick Warren

(You'll have to see the screen captures on those pages because Rick has pulled the original tweet down, just as Ken Silva predicted would happen.)

But remember, John Piper as much as said the same thing... did anyone scream and holler about that? Only a few of us mentioned it to our friends, (also HERE for mention of the Membership Covenants specifically) but there was so much confusion over everything surrounding the invitation of Rick Warren that no one really paid attention to that, to the evolution thing, to the mysticism and subjective language, and those of us who brought up those other things got clamped down on pretty hard, especially by people like Phil Johnson.

See here at 6:25 and following
John Piper - Why Rick Warren @ the Desiring God 2010 National Conference?

he says Rick could put Bethlehem Baptist to shame in regard to their discipleship and enforcement of the church membership covenants etc. Todd Friel originally thought that was "grrrreat! Great Great great!" and I cringed when he said that. I just counted to ten and told myself Todd must, as often seems to happen, have no idea what is going on in order to think that is great. Which makes it very frustrating when, in the Ergun Caner case, while missing much of the information himself, he would get up and chide people for making comments on subjects in which they aren't fully or even adequately informed. Don't get me wrong, I love Todd, but he makes me a little crazy sometimes.

Also see 3:40 in that video where he talks about separation from others. This dovetails with his "prophetic word" for the young restless and reformed bunch that people have been talking about. (see below for the prophetic word video)

A prophetic word from John Piper for the new reformed movement

later in that same interview he also talks about encouraging people to 'bring a prophetic word'

Full-length Footage of Ask Pastor John Live
at about 41:30 he continues talking about the Holy Spirit on a related question posed by the interviewer. He also talks about praying for something and not being able to get victory, might be because you haven't got the right Spirit-gifted person praying for you. This goes into his discussion of encouraging, with very sloppy subjective compromising language, personal words from the Lord.

He wants them to flourish in these gifts and to take the time to ask people "did you bring anything to us from the Lord that you think we need to hear today?" he says "you can use whatever language you want. You can say "have you got a word of knowledge for us?" "Got a word of prophecy?" and if you're scared of that kind of language you can say "has God impressed upon you in some way something that you think somebody in this room, or all of us, need to hear, from your walk with God...and just open yourself up to that because that just might penetrate to the very core of somebody, or healing. or..."

This is bad news. He is definitely teetering on the edge of something not good. John Piper has so much good stuff that he has said, I hate to see this happening.