August 23, 2010

Church Transitions seminar video FREE

[EDIT : after looking at the first video I am pretty sure these are NOT the same audio Chris used. I have listened to the audio and Roddy Clyde appears nowhere in the audio I have heard. These ones do contain the embezzler, Roddy Clyde]

I have written about Dan Southerland in the past here on this blog.
Dan Southerland's Transitioning Seminar analyzed by Chris Rosebrough

But oh, look, someone in favor of this trash posted it. It's probably been there a long time. I just managed to find it when someone asked me if Dan Southerland has a website. I started to look around, and had a hard time finding it. But I did find this:

Now you can all see how this guy deals with people in context, rather than listen to the smaller amounts Chris used to make his points. I think Chris was right on but, for the skeptics out there who want to wade through the whole thing

Look at the Church transitions website linked from that page. It's no longer out there. (as of 8-23-10)

What happened to it? I know that one of the guys got busted for embezzlement (mentioned and linked in my previous post on the Dan Southerland subject) within about year after the Wall Street Journal article that I was interviewed for quoted them as saying that if 'disruptors' and purpose driven resisters leave your church you should warn the next church about them being troublemakers.

Most people already know I'm a troublemaker! :-)