May 11, 2010

Phil Johnson revisited (Iron Sharpens Iron Interview part 2)

I noticed that Iron Sharpens Iron podcast does not have either of the Phil Johnson podcasts in the podcast list. Not sure why. But that made me do a search on their site for the original episode, which aired 4-6-2010. Doing that brought up the more recent 2nd part, which I did not previously know about.

Part 2

Part 1 if you haven't listened (get it while you can, I think it's really supposed to be a 30 day archive)

SO...More misrepresentation by Phil Johnson in part 2.

From about minute 24 to 28 he seems to be blaming it on "mostly women." and in particular a 'couple of women on his facebook page' which he does not name. But he did then cast aspersions on Ingrid and Gayle and me as some of the 'worst violators' when we tried to call him out on the mocking post about the 'ugly mug shot.'

I do not know who called Piper a "clown," because as I recall, Phil said he deleted it, but I can't remember where he said that (possibly in the first part of the Iron Sharpens Iron interview but I haven't thought about it for a few weeks, so can't rightly recall). But again frankly that's pretty minor, seems to me. Did that lady consider Piper a clown over this or did she already think he was? It's maybe not nice, but I've seen plenty worse and I would have to see the context to know if Phil is overreacting. But... as I said, he said elsewhere (can't recall where) that he deleted it.

But by continuing to criticize Ingrid and me and Gayle as some of the 'worst violators' when we showed up on the mug shot thread, he ends up (possibly unintentionally) plastering us with that "clown" accusation by not naming who exactly it was and then calling us the "some of the worst violators."

This is totally irresponsible.

Lisa nunley of Deo Volente blog called in at about 44-45 minutes in and that goes on for several minutes, feeding into this whole idea that Phil is accurately representing what happened. Well, alrighty then.

WHY does Phil keep missing the point it IS about the GOSPEL and how Piper has already SAID that Rick Warren is "BIBLICALLY SOUND"? All this 'wait and see' for the DG Conference means almost nothing since Piper said that three separate times. People have been terribly hurt by Rick Warren and all his clones, but that's ok I guess. They should just get over it and stop being so emotional. Chop-chop! Get on that now you purpose driven refugees!

He also says something about how the bad stuff on his blog at least"tends to be the critics of John Piper" on his website WELL YES because the lovers of RICK WARREN don't hang out on your site Phil! And even if they did, they have not been hurt by this development in the least!

I still wonder why no one like Phil who spends his time haranguing hurt people for acting hurt has brought up the pro-warren/piper comment on Justin Taylor's blog about all of us running around like chickens flapping madly bock bock bock bock! I guess that one was ok then? That was by far the most egregious example I saw on Taylor's blog from either side. OH I guess it could be said that that was directed at us hurting nobodies, not a highly respected pastor with a track record who deserves more respect than the rest of us mere mortals.

Well, I ask, who else ARE the people who are favorable to this decision going to attack and act rude toward?

Phil keeps telling us in this to learn to manage our disagreements with each other. etc and not divide unnecessarily, go off without thinking etc, but the first part of this show he says he doesn't want to be associated with emotional people. Sorry, I don't understand... something is not adding up here.

Again, I say, being emotional or polemical in one's speaking style is the new leprosy in Christian circles.