March 8, 2010

Monvee, It's A Spiritual Growth Program AND a Dessert Topping!

Feeling a bit behind the times here, my friends Daniel and Christine both have put up excellent posts on the new Spiritual Growth Technology "Monvee."

(Better Than Sacrifice) -- Spiritual growth? There’s an app for that

"But wait, there's more: If you're a church leader who uses Monvee with your entire congregation, Monvee can provide "a spiritual dashboard of insight into how your church is growing...on a live and on-going basis...with real data, in real-time, and about real growth."

Now how much would you pay?

One thing I would add to Christine's post at Sola Sisters --

In the story of Uzzah and the ark, the reason the ark was tipping over was because of the method of transport. If the priests had been doing their job the way they were supposed to, it would not have been falling in the first place. They had been given specific instructions on how the ark was to be transported.

The pagans delvered the ark in the way they thought was best, not knowing the rules God had set up for the Israelites for the transport of the ark. And in SPITE of the instructions the Israelites had explicitly been given, the Israelites looked at the pagans' "success" in transporting the ark, and assumed it was a better idea, so they did it it too! God overlooked the pagans' ignorance, not because he was pleased with their methods, but out of his mercy. But the Israelites were without excuse and God did not overlook the Israelites' adopting of the pagans' presumptuously ignorant ways.

We too have been given God's word. Adding all this pagan mysticism and 'innovation' is only presumptuous.

What we have been given is the preaching of the gospel. The foolishness of preaching, of rightly dividing the Word, so that the world ... no, let's make it more personal: so that you may know that you are under the wrath of God for your sins, no matter how good you think you are. That God, who is rich in mercy, has sent his only son Jesus Christ, co-equal and co-existent with God the father and the Holy Spirit, to take on human flesh, to live the perfect righteous life and die a criminal's death in your place. His righteousness, through faith in him, is credited to your account. He rose again the third day for your justification and sits at God's right hand, ever interceding for all those who have faith in him alone for their salvation. Not in your good works, but in him alone.

He will come again to judge the living and the dead, and if your sins are not covered by his atoning sacrifice, through faith in him, you will be cast into the lake of fire. But God commands everyone everwhere, God commands you to repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is entirely sufficient to both save AND sanctify us poor sinners. He does not need 'technology' or Monvee or Purpose Driven or any other gimmick. In fact those things distract from and add to and adulterate the message of his free grace.