May 20, 2008

youtube user 'headachehealer'

Who is this Brother Phil who has posted (as of today) 117 videos of his 'preaching' the so-called Gospel of Christ on Youtube?

Some other youtube user invited me as a friend, so since I didn't know them I decided to see what kind of things they like to see whether we would have anything in common.  This is how I found headachehealer.  This particular user had commented positively on headachehealer's videos and rated them highly.

I just posted a "HELP where do you begin!?" regarding headachehealer over at the new Twin City Fellowship forums.

see the post here

by the way, for some dumb reason, youtube's messaging didn't save all my outgoing messages, so I can't copy and paste them like I did his and just one of mine.  Irritating.  youtube can be a fun way to share but sure is buggy.

May 12, 2008

Rick Warren inviting his detractors to the lion's den

It has come to my attention that some of Rick Warren's critics such as James Sundquist, Ken Silva, and Ingrid Schlueter, (among others) have received invitations to attend some Saddleback seminar (for three days) and then meet with him afterward?  

Wow.  I have to wonder what the spin will be on this one.  I would be torn.  Do I go and let him twist the event to his own advantage?  Or do I decline and let him publicly say "they wouldn't play nice, look we even invited them for 'dialogue'!"

I guess if I could have a recording team there to record the meeting, I would be OK with it.  Then nothing could be edited for slant/spin purposes without it being exposed by the opposing team.

I think they all should go as a group together. 

Then again, Rick can read their Scriptural criticism for himself and learn all he needs to know.  There is nothing they would tell him differently in person than they have already in their writings.  Face to face only serves to disarm by helping everyone know he's a 'nice guy.'  Well, frankly we already all admit Rick is a nice charming fellow in person.  That is completely beside the point.

So anyway it will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.  I say go.  Take copious notes on the stuff presented at the seminar, and openly record the meeting with Rick.