July 29, 2007

Screenshots of Purpose Driven Church Finder

I thought I had better capture these screenshots too. (Emphasis added by me in the quotes)

I double-checked our web site and that church is not an official "Purpose Driven" that we can recommend.

Way to cop out. Cheesy. I guess just in case someone comes up with the proof that it IS on their site. (ahem) they can still say “we SAID we can’t recommend it.” D’oh! These people can’t see their hand in front of their face. The only PD church I could recommend is… well, I’m just kidding, I can’t.

I wonder if they’ve checked all these churches to make sure they aren’t Purpose Driven Satanist churches?

What kinds of churches use the Purpose Driven model?

The Purpose Driven model is used by congregations around the world, including those large and small, denominational and non-denominational, charismatic and noncharismatic, new plant and well-established, urban and rural.”

...abusive and soon-to-be-abusive, Apostate and soon-to-be apostate…
What characteristics are common to Purpose Driven congregations?
Purpose Driven congregations:
  1. Create a purpose statement describing their commitment to building the church around the five New Testament purposes: worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions.
  2. Are intentionally purpose driven in their strategies to fulfill their purpose statement.
  1. Don’t put up with questioning the leadership
  2. Boot people out for not getting with the program
  3. Regularly twist the scripture on purpose to support the purposes of the pastor/leadership who are convinced they’re doing God’s will and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
  4. Call those who resist “sanballats” or “leaders from hell.”
  5. see Dan Southerland’s book Transitioning: Leading your congregation through change. Glowingly recommended by Rick Warren in the foreword of the book.
  6. Call these techniques approved by God even though they’re ham-handed secular techniques people use in the business world to employ a corporate takeover.

Lame Purpose Driven Koolaid Drinker response

Interesting. Apparently this poster, Quix, on Freerepublic, one of the last holdouts for Warren there, has some ‘inside’ RW source who he/she has been speaking to on the Tabernacle Baptist subject.

Here is the post

“I just read that thread, Quix — thanks for trying and when you get this email, you can post the following info, but obviously keep in mind that Rick Warren cannot stop even a Satinist church from using 40 Days of Purpose — we do use the word “sin” and “repent” during weekend service, but as you know, we try to translate those concepts so that un-churched can understand. There’s no “magic words” necessary to present the Gospel.

I double-checked our web site and that church is not an official “Purpose Driven” that we can recommend. The only “Purpose Driven” Church by that name that I find is listed in North Carolina, not Pennsylvania — perhaps he just made an innocent mistake:”

Yeah great way to stick a foot in the mouth! Just more evidence straight from the horse’s mouth that the program is not Biblical and at best twists Scripture. Even a Satanist could use it!

How can you stick another foot in the mouth while sucking so hard on that koolaid?

July 23, 2007

Tabernacle Baptist UPDATE

Well I guess I must have the gift of prophecy. Tabernacle’s front page has changed! they took 40 days of purpose down. Now was that out of embarrassment or did the big Kahuna himself order it taken down? See screenshot of yesterday’s main page HERE.

But get this:

What can I expect on my first visit?
From the moment you enter our doors you’ll be made to feel at home. Our ushers will welcome you, provide you with our weekly worship guide and direct you to your seat. Then position yourself to enter into the presence of the Almighty. If you have children, you’ll want to take advantage of our safe and secure children’s church designed just for them.
That is unless you’ve gotten that letter that threatens you with arrest for coming to church.
What is a weekend service like?

Whether it is your first time at Tabernacle, or you’ve been attending for years, you never know what to expect during our services. From the moment you walk in the door, until the moment you leave, we are committed to an artistic, biblical, convicting presentation of God’s truth.

So you have this whole page to tell me what to expect… then tell me I’ll never know what to expect. I think he has really learned well from Rick. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth all the time!

And then we have this gem:
We dream of a church whose atmosphere is non-threatening and friendly. The sermons are always practical, biblical and relevant. We dream of a blended worship experience where we delight in the presence of God.
I guess those people who were ordered never to come back will just have to “keep dreamin’.” Cuz Purpose Driven isn’t going to give that to you.

Here’s another beaut’ (bold emphasis added)
Malcolm has been preaching the Word of God for more than twenty years and has served in many leadership roles. He has served as a Special Assistant for the President of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and as a member of the National Baptist Youth Convention of America Leadership Council. In 1997, he received the Peacemaker of the Year Award by the National Conference of Christians and Jews. As a result of his willingness to be used by God, he often consults and facilitates workshops for various groups, including evangelistic crusades, singles and young adult seminars, college ministry organizations, missions’ conferences, and various leadership-training sessions. Malcolm recently participated in training pastors in Nigeria, West Africa with Living Hope Christian Ministries.
Wow isn’t that ironic! Peacemaker of the year huh? Jews and Christians? But you can’t even make peace in your own church? Strange, that.

From this page about the pastor Malcom Finkley:

Maybe if he’d received ‘peacemaker of the year’ from Jesus Christ (which no one would hear about) things wouldn’t be so bad over there.

This sounds like showing more interest in the acclaim of men rather than the approval of God. Matthew 6:1-17

Oh and if you want some of the great teaching from this man and can’t attend his church you can pay for it.

Maybe that’s what these purpose driven refugees will have to do. Pay to order their own pastor’s messages.

Their fellowship only lists a Men’s ministry. What? Nothing for the ladies? Or is it really important for pastor to teach/model for them how to browbeat people first as a way of dealing with conflict? THEN we can have a women’s ministry to help them cope and show them how to be good little wives. It scares me to think this beast of a pastor is out there focusing on teaching men to be more ‘manly.’ By his latest behavior he surely has the wrong idea of Godly manliness.

And last but not least, Tabernacle Baptist’s Purpose Driven Declaration.

update: their declaration is taken STRAIGHT from the Purpose Driven website

Because this life is preparation for the next, I will value worship over wealth, “we” over “me,” character over comfort, service over status, and people over possessions, position, and pleasures. I know what matters most, and I’ll give it all I’ve got. I’ll do the best I can with what I have for Jesus Christ today.

I won’t be captivated by culture, manipulated by critics, motivated by praise, frustrated by problems, debilitated by temptation, or intimidated by the devil. I’ll keep running my race …

I’m a trophy of God’s amazing grace, so I will be gracious to everyone, grateful for every day, and generous with everything God entrusts to me.
(ahem) “EXCEPT none of this applies to those that question my behavior or my teaching.”
To my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I say, "However, whenever, wherever, and whatever you ask me to do, my answer in advance is yes! Wherever you lead and whatever the cost I’m ready. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyway. Whatever it takes, Lord; whatever it takes!"
(ahem ahem….cough cough)“EXCEPT PLEEEEAAAAZZZZE Lord don’t make me realize I was all wrong about Rick Warren and how to be a good pastor!”

This pastor’s awful behavior is the natural outcome of following PDC. Most pastors are caught in between wanting to push like this and wanting to be a normal human being. But any degree of this leaven in the church is bound to cause problems. And remember, it doesn’t have to have the name Purpose Driven to be using the same controlling legalistic philosophies.

July 20, 2007

Pastor Threatens To Have Congregants Arrested

Pastor Threatens To Have Congregants Arrested
COATESVILLE, Pa.—Members of a Chester County church said they have really been at odds with the pastor since he came on board about a year ago.

But after receiving a letter that mixed Bible verses along with threats of an arrest if they were to attend church on Sunday, that’s when they said the pastor went too far.

They mean that getting a corporate credit card without the church voting on it is NOT going too far? these people are pushovers. WAKE UP elders and oust this man. He’s teaching you LIES and it is manifesting in his arrogant abusive behavior!

Homepage of
Tabernacle Baptist Church

In case they pull down the image, here is what they are promoting, and this should tell you WHY he is behaving this way. WHAT is displayed on this page that should not be in any church?

July 19, 2007

Evangelical Covenant unabashedly promotes unbiblical Christian Formation

This is just a start:

Oh brother. Webwatch: 2007-02: The Silent Treatment

Our pastor and wife are on the road and she said she was looking forward to reading Brian Flynn’s book and listening to the CD in the car (of his interview) that I gave her.

Here’s a few more:

July 18, 2007

John Bunyan

Todd Friel had some interesting bits on the controversy over the existence of hell, in light of people like Carlton Pearson who rightly was ousted from his church because of his heretical ‘there is no hell’ position. I am wondering what other smaller errors Pearson had been espousing that led him to this great leap off the precipice of truth into the pit of deceit.

In it he played a bit of Macarthur’s sermon on Hell, the Furnace of Fire wherein he quotes from (I just love these old titles! Very un-PDC):

Sighs From Hell,
The Damned Soul
An exposition of those
in the Sixteenth of Luke,
Concerning the Rich Man and the Beggar
wherein is discovered
the lamentable state of the D A M N E D;
their cries, their desires in their distresses,
the determination of G O D upon them.
warning word to sinners,
both old A N D young,
to take into consideration betimes,
and to seek,
B Y- F A I T H- I N J E S U S C H R I S T,
to avoid, lest they come into the same Place of Torment.
a brief discourse touching the profitableness
of the Scriptures for our instruction in the way of righteousness,
according to the tendency of the said parable.
By That Poor and Contemptible Servant of J E S U S- C H R I S T,
J O H N.B U N Y A N.

He used bits from this section, so I went and found the more complete quote. I thought it would be good to remind us of the truth of what Jesus Christ in his mercy, if we will but repent and believe, has spared us from. The prospective horrors of hell in return for our sin should tell us not only of the fear of going there, but of the greatness of the offense against the Most infintely High God, no matter how small you think your sins may be.

5. Again, thou shalt have none but a company of damned souls, with an innumerable company of devils, to keep company with thee. While thou art in this world, the very thoughts of the devils appearing to thee makes thy flesh to tremble, and thine hair ready to stand upright on thy head. But O! what wilt thou do, when not only the supposition of the devils appearing, but the real society of all the devils in hell will be with thee howling and roaring, screeching and roaring in such a hideous manner, that thou wilt be even at thy wits’ end, and be ready to run stark mad again for anguish and torment?

6. Again, that thou mightest be tormented to purpose, the mighty God of heaven will lay as great wrath and vengeance upon thee as ever he can, by the might of his glorious power. As I said before, thou shalt have his wrath, not by drops, but by whole showers shall it come, thunder, thunder, upon thy body and soul so fast, and so thick, that thou shalt be tormented out of measure. And so saith the Scripture (2 Thess 1:9), speaking of the wicked, ‘Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power,’ when the saints shall be admiring his goodness and glory. Again, this thou shalt have, as I said before, without any intermission; thou shalt not have any ease so long as while a man may turn himself round; thou shalt have it always every hour, day and night; for their worm never dies, but always gnaws, and their fire is never quenched; as it is written in Mark 9.

7. Again, in this condition thou must be for ever, and that is as sad as all the rest. For if a man were to have all his sins laid to his charge, and communion with the devils, and as much wrath as the great God of heaven can inflict unto him; I say, if it were but for a time, even ten thousand years, and so end, there would be ground of comfort, and hopes of deliverance; but here is thy misery, this is thy state for ever, here thou must be for ever: when thou lookest about thee, and seest what an innumerable company of howling devils thou art amongst, thou shalt think this again, this is my portion for ever. When thou hast been in hell so many thousand years as there are stars in the firmament, or drops in the sea, or sands on the sea-shore, yet thou hast to lie there for ever. O this one word EVER, how will it torment thy soul!

Friends, I have only given a very short touch of the torments of hell. O! I am set, I am set, and am not able to utter what my mind conceives of the torments of hell. Yet this let me say to thee, accept of God’s mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ, lest thou feel THAT with thy conscience which I cannot express with my tongue, and say, I am sorely tormented in this flame.