November 17, 2007

The complete lack of discernment of Valerie Bell and David and Karen Mains

If you thought Ann Coulter was 'bigoted' -- check out Simone Weil which certain liberal theology teachers in today's evangelical church seem to promote.

James Sundquist writes in his new article on Richard Foster:

One more comment on Valerie. She calls me a cannibal, yet has no problem with promoting slander and defamation of Jews by promoting Simone Weil (who was a woman btw)...who made statements which devoured Jews. You can view the promotion of Simone Weil in the most current Hunger Souls newsletter post which is Karen Mains and Valerie's organization:

"She did, however, record some antagonistic views of her own about the Jews: "Look, here is evil! . A people chosen for moral blindness, chosen to be the murderers of Christ. . The Jews, this handful of uprooted people, have caused the uprooting of the whole planet." She declared that the Old Testament was "a tissue of horrors"-- though she excepted Job, most of the Psalms, the Song of Solomon, "the second Isaiah," Daniel, and some of the Prophets. She refused to identify Jehovah with the Trinitarian "God the Father." Jehovah, to her mind, was an evil god who "made the same promises to Israel as the Devil did to Christ," and who, "having taken the Jews out of Pharaoh's hands, succeeded to Pharaoh's rights."" SOURCE:

So much for the Apostle Paul's authority which states that ALL Scripture is authoritative:

2Ti 3:16-17 All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

Apparently Simone Weil does not know that much of the New Testament is devoted to quoting the Old Testament. When Paul reasoned from Scripture, he was reasoning from the Old Testament. So I have no problem marking her and her collaborators Karen Mains and Valerie Bell as apostate false teachers. Furthermore, Karen Mains has the concept of the French Resistance backwards. The French Resistance were "resisters" and would have protected Jews and true Christians. They hanged collaborators. Rick Warren marks resisters and devours them.

Karen Mains

Karen Mains is a member of the Board of Renovare (Richard Foster) and promotes mysticism and the teachings of occultist Carl Jung. The books of Jennifer Westwood (whom Karen Mains quotes below) are sold in Insight Metaphysical Bookstore and her publisher is Gaia (as in earth goddess).

If there remains any doubt that Karen Mains promotes Carl Jung and inculcates her own teaching with Carl Jung, here is a quote from rapidnet:

" Her "spiritual director," a Catholic nun and Jungian psychotherapist, confirms what her evangelical, inner-healing therapist friend and "unofficial spiritual mentor" told her: "Your male-self is certainly wooing you." Karen Mains explains, "... this indeed is my male-self, the animus that I need to complement my female being, the anima. This psychological concept of the male-within-the-female and the female-within-the-male was developed by Carl Jung, but it has always seemed exceptionally scriptural to me." Mrs. Mains notes Jung's perspective "that for spiritual and psychological health a person must have a harmonious and friendly relationship with his or her unconscious" and adds, "Through the insistent initiation of the Holy Spirit, I am being forcefully guided to make rapprochement with my inner, deepest self." [What incredible self-delusion! The Holy Spirit's work and Jung's anti-Biblical concepts couldn't be more contrary to each other. Much of what Jung taught was derived from his own personal spirit guide, a demon named Philemon. (See America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice for Jung's heavily demonized background.)]

In a later Jungian session with her "spiritual director" at Cenacle, a Catholic contemplative retreat center, Mrs. Mains tells of a drastic change in the entity which has been appearing in her mind. In graphic detail, she describes an "idiot-child sitting at a table with other people ... totally bald head lolled to one side ... drooling ... six, seven or eight years of age ... emaciated and malnourished ... sad, huge eyes ... This is my idiot-child, the idiot-self of my self." Her "spiritual director" has her close her eyes and "see the child again." She does so and begins to communicate with the image who surprises them both by revealing that it is the "Christ child." [!!] (This is right out of the book, The Occult Christ, by Ted Andrews.) Mrs. Mains ponders the thought that the young man and the idiot-child are both Jesus Christ who has "been attempting to woo me because an essential part of my identity in Him has been expelled from my adult development." We find that this "Christ child," whom she is instructed to always take with her, is her "spiritual authority" [classic New Age terminology for "spirit guide"] which she is "afraid of having" and has "rejected not only [as] a part of myself, but a part of myself that is Christ."

There are three possibilities concerning Karen Mains and her spirit guide:
(1) What she has written is the promotion of her own agenda through a vehicle which she self-characterizes: "Mains, you have a wacko creative imagination";

(2) Her penchant for introspection and symbolism have swept her into the delusionary world of the experiential and hopelessly subjective. This is pure Jungian hokum, nothing more; or

(3) One and two have led her down the path to New Age shamanism, where, under the guise of psychological concepts and symbolism and through the occult practice of guided imagery, she has been in communication with a spirit guide -- in fact a demon appearing as an angel of light! From what she writes in this book, it appears that the third possibility is the reality in the life of Karen Mains. Indeed, with Jung's "christ" come Jung's demons. (Reported
in/excerpted from the 3/94 The Berean Call and/or Media Spotlight, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 5-7. For another independent review of Lonely No More, see Michele Witchell's article in the July/August 1994, Contender's Journal: "The Fruit of a Psychological Gospel.") [Lonely No More was also advertised as a gift-giving book in Chapel of the Air 's 1994, 50-Day Spiritual Adventure Journal booklet.]"


Here are two quotes from Karen Main's own website, in case there is any doubt about her ecumenical eastern meditation, New Age centering, and mystical leanings:

"Sacred journeys are as old as human cultures. They evolved from the ritual paths of tribal societies; from the sacred ways of classical Greece, Egypt, and the East; and from the flowering in the Middle Ages of the great religious pilgrimages that still flourish."

Sacred Journeys by Jennifer Westwood
A Pilgrimage to the Sites of the Spanish Mystics

"Travel to distant places has a way of opening a path inward, to possibility, to memory, even. After a while, the physical experience of travel somehow becomes less significant than the inner transformations we undergo when, by moving through space, bumping against strangeness and being changed by it, we somehow become more of who we are meant to be." - Abigail Seymour

November 15, 2007

Valerie Bell calls James Sundquist a cannibal

I always find it interesting how theological and political liberals engage in projection. Here is an email exchange from Valerie Bell who hosts some 'silent retreats' or 'silence' retreats and such at her rather plush getaway in the mountains of North Carolina. David and Karen Mains are also involved in the promotion of learning 'the silence.'

Hungry Souls Retreats

From: Valerie Bell


Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 2:50 PM

Subject: cannibals in the kingdom

Dear sir:

You are cannibalizing the body of Christ. No doubt, the very psychology you deplore would be helpful to uncover the “whys” of your hostility and witch hunt-style faith. No wonder your resistance.

I didn’t need to read much to see how very unwell you are. Get help. You comfort the Enemy by attacking the body of Christ in this way, whether you agree with them or not.

Be sure you know which side you are working for.


Which side he is working for?? Right back atcha lady! Certainly not the side you are on... and I don't think that what you are working for is Scriptural, but instead is pagan.

James passed this wolf in the sheepfold's uncaring "I ain't gonna feed YOUR hungry soul" response to me and asked that I write her:

Dear Paula,
THis has got to be one of my most favorite yet...I have never been called a cannibal before. Cannibal huh? That is a great word...but it more properly described what Rick Warren has done! I sent out this email to several hundred Southern Baptist leaders...and NOT one had any concern whatsoever for any of the victims...SOS calls? Forget them...damn the torpedos...full speed ahead. And of course, as usual not a shred of proof to back up where I am biblical in error!

So, obeying Paul's command to be a good Berean is a cannibal? Exposing the deeds of darkness is being a cannibal? Or is turning a deaf ear to the SOS calls and those bludgeoned by the PDC propeller is not being a cannibal. And what about this Scripture for the cries of the innocent appeals:

1Jo 3:17 But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels [of compassion] from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

I Googled her email and found this:
That explains everything!

Here is what I wrote to Ms Valerie Bell:

From: Paula

Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 11:03 AM

To:; rockSalt

Subject: James Sundquist

Valerie, James is giving cups of refreshing water to those of us ousted by the false doctrine you and others have divisively brought into the church. If anyone is cannibalizing the church, it is those who preach Purpose Driven and its many rip-off-spin-offs.

I thank the Lord daily for James Sundquist and others like him who are sounding the alarm about the poisonous doctrine of Rick Warren.


Not only is she promoting the poison of Rick Warren, she promotes transcendental meditation in the Body of Christ! This woman must be marked publicly as a false teacher.